* Pre-hab and corrective movements: (great for correcting postural deficiencies from common daily activities such as driving, sitting at a desk and for athletes with muscular imbalances). These movements are essential for injury prevention.

* Neuromuscular activation: ensures that the participants are fully warmed up via dynamic movements and that the prime movers are firing efficiently to maximize performance. This segment of the session feels like an intense workout to most participants.

* Dynamic movement screen: a series of challenging movements to ensure that participants are using safe a proper techniques. Clients will start feeling a serious burn during this phase.

* Martial arts component: a traditional martial arts segment which truly benefits performance, explosivity, power production and neuromuscular efficiency. This is something that is unique to the WongMania system and was developed over 2 decades from working with world class martial artists.

* Power segment: this portion of the session pushes the participants to the max by challenging and recruiting the maximum amount of fast twitch muscles while also teaching the body to convert type IIa muscle fibres to fast twitch.

* Core: the core is one of the most improperly trained parts of the body, often leading to back pain and injuries. Throughout the entire WongMania session, participants are guided on the proper techniques to develop a powerful “entire” core, not just the rectus abdominis.

* Metabolic circuit: this is where  everything is brought together with properly designed stations to challenge and improve the VO2 max, explosive power and endurance of the participants… guaranteed to improve the conditioning of even the most elite athletes.

* Improved quality of life: this is the true benefit of WongMania! Every movement during the session is designed to enhance function, decrease injuries and optimize quality of life.

* Nutrition: as an adjunct to the physical and mental training of a WongMania session, proper nutrition is a must in order to replenish muscle fibres and provide them with the nutrients to repair. Our certified fitness nutrition specialists turn eating into a science and teach clients how to sustain a proper eating plan for life – NO MORE FAD DIETS!  We’ve all been told that nutrition is at least half the battle so book a consultation today to find out why.