Reflecting on the Summer of 2014!

The summer of 2014 will forever be remembered as being the best summer of all time for my family and I! WOW, what an incredible couple of months but I couldn’t have done it without a lot of help and support.

While the WongMania system hit some high profile stages/venues, travelled across the country to train elite level pro athletes and certified top level trainers, it has been the overwhelming support for my system that has truly made all the hard work and sacrifice worthwhile. So a big shout out and thanks to my team, clients, participants, the die-hard WongMania crew and of course the leading lady, my wife Tricia. She definitely makes compliance to my system easy with her ability to ensure that our daily macronutrient requirements are met with her phenomenal culinary skills…. those of you who follow me on Instagram/social media understand what I’m referring to with my foodporn pics 🙂

The summer started off with a big bang at the Toronto Fitness Challenge during the Toronto pro supershow at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre . The turnout was incredible but more importantly our efforts were for a great cause. We raised $10,000 for The Sickkids Foundation! A big thanks to my WongMania demonstration team (JP Falacho, Paul Correale, Tania Facer & Angie Lafontaine) who all stepped on stage to lead the way and to Ivan Ho and Tony A from the Fit Factory for including me in this incredible event. IMG_7844IMG_7840 WongMania then began an east coast tour, but first a stop in beautiful Quebec City. In between my sessions/seminars we had time to fully take in the sights and appreciate the culture of this historic city. The Citadelle, Chateau Frontenac and the old port are all breathtaking landmarks that must be seen in person to be appreciated. Next stop was Moncton, New Brunswick. This was my first visit to the east coast of Canada and New Brunswick started me off with a great first impression! WongMania was so well received here that I was actually shocked by the turnout and was really impressed by the level of athletes/trainers. Next trip I will allocate more time for this amazing province since we didn’t even have enough free time to visit the famous magnetic hill 🙁

Then to our final destination, Prince Edward Island. All I can say is, if you’ve never visited PEI  you’re missing out huge! This is one of the most beautiful, picturesque and welcoming places I’ve ever been to with amazing people, dining, resorts, golf courses, theme parks and perfect weather for our entire stay.

I will admit, however, that the first week in PEI was all business and quite gruelling with some 14 hour days which included elite performance pro athlete training, private training, group training, seminars, WongMania certifications and of course WongMania group sessions. I’m so thankful and overwhelmed by the amount of support I received for my sessions which were all jam packed; big thanks to Regan Rogerson at Adrenaline Athletics Club and Richard Arseneault at Island Impact MMA (who filled the house for my seminar on less than 12 hours notice).

WongMania-adrenaline athletics



I owe the biggest thanks of all to super trainer Dan Archibald and his lovely wife Kristine for their island hospitality…my kids are still asking when we’re taking you both to the CN tower for dinner 🙂 Dan was instrumental in planning much of my itinerary and endured some of these 14 hour days with me and like always, did it with a contagious smile that you can’t wash away. His vibrant personality makes me so happy and proud to announce that after 6 months of certification training, I certified Dan as a WongMania Level 2 Trainer during this trip!

I would also like to congratulate Terry Blizzard, an amazing strength coach from Saint John, New Brunswick, for successfully completing the WongMania Level 1 certification course and practical exam. Welcome to the family Terry!

Steven J Wong Dan Archibald Terry Blizzard

Now to quickly summarize the most rewarding part of this trip – the private training of a group who I affectionately refer to as Team Phaneuf, comprised of Dion Phaneuf, Dane Phaneuf, Daryl Boyce, Brett Gallant and lastly, but certainly not least, Elisha Cuthbert (who legitimately trains like a pro!). What makes this team so amazing to work with is their ability to adapt to new challenges, principles and protocols and their rapid progression throughout the course of each week’s training. I used highly advanced customized performance movement patterns and very specific methods/protocols with biometrics documented feedback to ensure that I could track the gains using my evidence based system. We trained 6 days a week, for up to 3 hours a session, spanning 2.5 weeks and the results were phenomenal! Seeing their daily gains was so gratifying but better yet was getting to know each of these genuine, high quality individuals. This was truly the highlight of the summer. I can’t wait for hockey season to start 🙂

Team Phaneuf group shot

Normally my family can only tolerate a few days away from the crib before they get homesick and the whining begins…not on this trip though. I must admit that staying at one of Canada’s top resorts, The Gables of PEI, sure did help. Their amenities and finishings include everything you could ask for: gym, pool, hot tubs, golf, tennis, ping pong, on-site cafe/restaurant, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, glass showers, leather couches and more. In fact, every morning prior to departing for pro training, I would always squeeze in the first session of the day and train myself in the gym/pool. When my schedule was completely overbooked, I was able to save time by having athletes come to the resort for their training session so I wouldn’t even have to leave the grounds – a perfect setup! A huge thanks to the owner, Mark Wilson, for your sincere hospitality. I’m already planning ahead for next summer 🙂

Gables of PEI

There is so much to explore in PEI and the scenic landscape never gets boring. They’re known for potatoes and lobster (which is EPIC) but I can guarantee nothing rivals their delicious steaks and ultra fresh produce. Plus the lifestyle on the island is in stark contrast to city life in Toronto, everyone is so much more relaxed and I certainly didn’t miss the 24/7 gridlock traffic. I was able to put things in proper perspective and really appreciated the finer moments in life while I felt my body and mind decompressing. I’m sure my cortisol levels plummeted as the stress would just melt away as each day flew by.

At age 44, my health has never been better – I feel extraordinary with a reduction in inflammation and an increased immune system. Performance, power, explosivity, speed, endurance and strength are all at my highest levels but most importantly the true benefits are being reaped with an improved quality of life. Afterall this is what it’s all about, without our health nothing else really matters.

Thanks for following my summer journey and until next time be well,

Steven J. Wong

Author: Steven J Wong

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