Proud to be featured by the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers

I am so excited and proud to announce that I have been featured by the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers amongst tens of thousands of Certified Personal Trainers in North America alone. This prestigious recognition makes my decades of research & development, training and mentoring in the fitness industry even more worthwhile. Thanks to everyone at the NCCPT! Click HERE to read the original article.

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Steven J. Wong

Strength, agility, and dedication are a few attributes of an effective personal trainer. But it is power and might that make you exceptional.

At the age of seven, Steven J. Wong took up martial arts and trained relentlessly at least five times a week, while his parents tended to their family restaurant in the Greater Toronto area.  The more Steven watched his idol Bruce Lee, the more dedicated he grew to the sport. By the age of fourteen, Steven had achieved his third degree black belt in tae kwon do, and continued to be his own harshest critic. He said, “If my instructor’s kicks were better than mine, I would work day and night until my techniques were perfected.”

Upon earning his black belt, Steven joined kung fu clubs in Oakville and in Toronto specializing in Hung Gar, one of the most aggressive styles of martial arts. At that stage, “it was all about internal energy and power,” he said. The mission of his kung fu club was to develop a technique that created the utmost power within you. For instance, holding deep traditional stances for 20 minutes per position was a common warm-up practice, proving that martial arts was about attaining foundational power and not just a belt. Steven said, “It was meant only for people with extreme mental strength.”

Steven continued martial arts into his college years at the University of Toronto, and also played varsity badminton for the school – the only sport his father had played with him as a child. Steven excelled not only at badminton, but also at any sports that involved quick thinking, agility, and power. He even instructed tennis for six years after graduating. Even though working out was important to stay fit and be on a sports team, Steven said that building excessive muscle mass had nothing to do with performance. The mission was to build explosive power and technique, and exert the utmost power in your throws, kicks, and swings.

The more Steven combined martial arts with sports, the more endless the possibilities of his career became. Not too long after finishing college, his martial arts skills translated into a profession as an executive protection specialist, where he worked as a bodyguard to stars such as Madonna and Janet Jackson. It was at that point that Steven’s celebrity clientele row. With each year, his VIP list consistently expands, and this summer was no different as he travelled to the east coast of Canada to train some pro athletes, including NHL superstar Dion Phaneuf, captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs; actress Elisha Cuthbert; and multiple Olympic medalist Elvis Stojko. Steven has worked with elite athletes in almost every pro sport and continues to expand his impressive roster.

In 2013, Steven accepted the position of national director for the Canadian National Mixed Martial Arts Federation and was appointed as the head strength and conditioning coach for Team Canada. For Steven, personally training professional athletes, celebrities and/or everyday dedicated people requires the same work and discipline. Those who turn to him, do so because of his ability to harmonize the power producing techniques of martial arts with his own professional personal training.

As his client roster grew, Steven continued to document all the notable techniques that he has used for himself and others over the course of 20 years, such as resistance training, plyometric training, power production, and martial arts. In addition, Steven has kept every piece of fitness-training equipment he has ever used: slide boards, slam balls, med balls, power racks, Olympic bumper plates, smith machines, cables and pulleys, TRX, and even a whole body vibration machine. Despite being equipped with all these gadgets, Steven was still on the search for a system that incorporated all of them in one program.

In the spring of 2014, Steven did his own research and came across NCCPT. For the first time in his professional career, Steven says he finally found a certification company that encompassed many of the beneficial and functional modalities that he specialized in throughout the years. Upon obtaining his certification that same year from NCCPT, Steven was on his way to developing one of the most effective and versatile performance training systems in the world, which he named WongMania (

Within months of its inception, WongMania has been more than well received by the fitness community. The system includes  aspects  such as pre-hab , preventative and corrective techniques, neuromuscular activation, nutrition, metabolic circuits, explosive power development, agility and speed training and of course, martial arts, all of which have been certified, scientifically proven, and laboratory tested. All of Steven Wong’s exercises, techniques, and guidelines center around his number-one goal: “To achieve the highest athletic ability, while improving your quality of life.”

With that said, it brings us the utmost pride to name Steven Wong as NCCPT’s Featured Personal Trainer as we ring in the New Year! For more information on Steven or to connect with him personally, visit


Author: Steven J Wong

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