WongMania provides clients with superior exercise and nutrition coaching that truly benefits quality of life.  Plans are customized for each client’s individual goals; whether it’s performance gains for a  pro athlete, weight loss or a person looking to change a sedentary lifestyle – this will change your life!

WongMania has been proven by many pro athletes and olympians to maximize power, speed, plyometric ability, VO2 max, power endurance, explosivity and true core power. This system was created by Steven J. Wong and brought to the public after 20 years of research and development with the leading doctors, exercise physiologists, biomechanic specialist, martial arts masters and elite pro athletes. This elite  system is designed with the safest exercise protocols, based upon graduating levels of progression, that can be applied to a beginner all the way to the elite athlete. The specificity of this system can be tailored towards weight loss, performance and VO2 max, but always targeting an improved quality of life.


Steven J. Wong

WongMania Founder
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Functional Training Specialist
Certified Group Training Specialist
Certified FMS + Level 2
Certified TRX + Sports Medicine Level 2

Other certifications:

  • Interval Training Specialist
  • Agility Training Specialist
  • Medicine Ball Training Specialist
  • Unstable Surfaces Specialist

3rd Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo
Hung Gar style Kung Fu Master with 30 years teaching experience

Director and head coach of strength and conditioning for Team Canada of the Canadian National Mixed Martial Arts Federation


Elvis Stojko

Director of WongMania On-Ice Technical Skill Development
WongMania Level 2 Certified
Hung Gar Kung Fu Sifi
Karate Black Belt


  • 4x Olympian
  • 2x Olympic Silver Medallist
  • 3x World Figure Skating Champion
  • 7x Canadian Figure Skating Champion

Justin Teakle

Director of WongMania Technical Hockey Development
Director of PASS Hockey International
Head Instructor of Pro Hockey Development
Head Coach of the Toronto Lakeshore Patriots – Jr A